About Gezhi

About Gezhi

We insist on continuous independent research and development of intelligent moisture-proof cabinetsAlways maintain strong industry competitiveness

So far, it has provided equipment and solutions for more than 2,000 customers. The industry covers optoelectronics, precision electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceutical chemicals, universities and scientific research institutions. The main products include industrial moisture-proof cabinets, electronic moisture-proof cabinets, semiconductor moisture-proof cabinets, electronic moisture-proof cabinets, stainless steel nitrogen Cabinets, electronic drying cabinets, low temperature drying cabinets, dehumidification cabinets, etc., are sold in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Sichuan, and exported to the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Vietnam , Malaysia, etc.

  • Microcomputer control, humidity fixed point adjustable and with memory function
  • Pass CE, FCC, ROHS and PPS flame retardant test
  • IoT smart APP remotely monitors and adjusts humidity
  • Modular design, easy maintenance
  • Physical polymer environment-friendly hygroscopic material, stable dehumidification throughout the year

Reasons to choose Gezhi moisture-proof cabinet

3000 square meters of production site, more than 10 years of experience in welding operators, full realization of high-precision production, production in accordance with ISO9001 standards, each equipment through the humidity, accuracy and other tests, electrical appliances are used brand-name electrical appliances, to ensure that the equipment is durable and stable dehumidification.

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    3000 plus
    construction area
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    8 people
    R & D Engineer
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    2000 plus
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    10 years
    Industry experience

Application scenarios


SMT Semiconductor Industry Solutions

Gezhi low-humidity and ultra-low humidity series moisture-proof cabinets are professionally designed according to the application requirements of the electronic industry, and provide reliable storage solutions for electronic industry applications. The minimum humidity can reach 1% RH. Ultra-low humidity anti-static series moisture-proof cabinets can be properly stored...


Optical Industry Solutions

Gezhi standard moisture-proof cabinet adopts a new and upgraded dehumidification mechanism, which can dehumidify quickly, and the humidity can be adjusted at a fixed point of 5%-60% RH. This model is especially recommended for all kinds of optical lenses, cameras, video cameras, general experimental instruments, microscopes, materials Chemicals and other mildew-proof preservation use...


Military aerospace industry solutions

Military aerospace units have higher storage standards for moisture-proof and oxidation-proof items than other industries, so choosing a nitrogen moisture-proof cabinet to store items can achieve the most effective moisture-proof...


Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Solutions

Gezhi nitrogen cabinet series, with unique intelligent nitrogen filling device, accelerates dehumidification efficiency, and is suitable for items that need to be opened and placed frequently to maintain a long-lasting dry environment. Moisture and oxidation reactions can cause some foods to deteriorate, and ordinary methods cannot prevent moisture Slowly invade...


Solutions for Colleges and Research Institutions

Moisture-proof cabinets can provide good storage conditions for important laboratory materials, and are ideal storage equipment for protecting important biotechnological, physical, chemical and pharmaceutical related materials...


Our advantage

The products closely follow the trend of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, develop equipment integrated management systems, Internet of Things solutions, etc. to meet customers' functional requirements for high precision, equipment monitoring and data collection, and improve production efficiency for customers

  • Quality Assurance

    After the French TUV certification field inspection, the production is carried out in accordance with the ISO9001 standard

  • Customized service

    Provide professional customized services according to different usage scenarios and usage methods

  • Perfect after-sales

    Respond and provide solutions within 24 hours after receiving after-sales feedback

  • Focus on professional

    Ten years of experience in moisture-proof cabinet products, exquisite research and development, design solutions

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